Here are Testimonials from our patients:

I requested teeth whitening advertised at my dentist’s office… After using the product several days my mouth broke out in sores. I went to my Medical Doctor and he informed me he had the same reaction to the teeth whitening product his dentist had sold him.

– Carlene G

Living in Europe, few people are preoccupied with ‘whiter-than-white’ teeth. But as a coffee and red wine drinker my teeth have discoloured over time. I was considering a bleaching treatment but after reading those tales of pain in your book I’m definitely going for the holistic route.

– PT

I have had yellow teeth my entire life. I asked my dentist about whitening and he said sure – no problem. I have a great teeth whitening product. I bought the product… I had never had sensitive teeth before in my life… but it also got to the point to where my teeth became sensitive after just one treatment. At that point I gave up on the product.

– Scott